You know that excitement when you enter an Instagram competition and the brand comments ‘good luck!’.

You’re left there thinking you’re sort of special; a brand is actually taking a vested interest in your comment! There are thousands of people commenting and they choose you.

Well, people often forget there is a person sitting behind a phone or computer, making an effort to make you feel connected. This, of course, isn’t an accident.

Contrary to common thought, but people often forget a brand is driven by an actual human.

It is an strange thought that we often hold a brands social media to a higher level than just our friends or families social media, when in reality, brands should be giving you just as much engagement as any other person who you are connected with on social media.

When controlling your social media, remember to keep in mind that PEOPLE want to buy from PEOPLE. Giving followers the time of day, the time to like a comment, time to respond to a query, read and like a direct message, is genuinely; the least you can do.

It is crucial to create a brand that is engaging, personable and most importantly, attentive.

To listen to your consumers and interact with them as much as you can not only creates more brand awareness, but creates a deeper level of community, one that encourages allegiance.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

-David Alston, author

In a time where consumers may not be buying as much, now is not the time to slow down! It is merely a time for a new opportunity to understand your consumers and create a wider community around your organisation.

So, let’s see this as a chance to get to know your followers and customers. The better you know your audience, the better chance you have creating an incredible marketing model that will benefit you when you come out the other side. Take more time to engage with the people who support your brand daily and use the opportunity to create a valuable relationship with your followers.

Don’t be discouraged, don’t think know is the time to stop, because social media is one of the most direct and simple ways you can create a loyal consumer base.