Hockey Victoria

How Hockey Victoria Used Social Media Platforms
To Increase Their Engagement With Customers

Hockey Victoria (HV) is the state’s peak body for everything Hockey related.
From the top level State squad right down to grass-roots players, HV is it.

John Doe
Executive Director
SAI Global

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The Challenge

With competition from other codes, participation is key for Hockey Victoria, and as part of this, HV is aiming to increase registered participation by 5,000 members – and social media plays a large role in this.

The Strategy

Increasing membership isn’t the only thing important to HV. Inclusion and diversity are key to their business and again social media plays a large role in this. Aston Social created a number of new content streams that gathered significantly more engagement than other more ‘result’ driven content, by engaging the hearts of the audience, not just their minds.

The Result

Women in sport is a major focus for HV and as a result, Aston Social helped HV launch a new promotion with a supporting advertising campaign focused in increasing the number of women participating in Hockey. A supporting competition was run to improve engagement as well as increase the number of fans following the page.


Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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