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How Hockey Victoria Used Social Media Platforms
To Increase Their Engagement With Customers

Hockey Victoria (HV) is the state’s peak body for everything Hockey related.
From the top level State squad right down to grass-roots players, HV is it.

Justin Cohen Marketing Manager at Retail Directions

Sash Herceg
General Manager
Hockey Victoria

Great service and very personable and proactive staff. Our organisation has been with Aston Social for the past two and a half years, and in this time our social media messaging has become very consistent, relevant and timely. This has led to more than 100% growth in across each of our social media platforms. I would not hesitate in recommending Aston Social to anyone wanting to streamline and professionalise their social media presence, and grow their following…

Hockey Victoria Social Media Campaign
Case Study Challenges at Aston Social

The Challenge

Lots of interest, no strategy.

Everyone knows what hockey is, and as the state sporting body responsible for the sport, Hockey Victoria definitely had a large audience to begin with. We a lack of strategy to hang everything together, often effort was being wasted.

Competition between sports.

With competition from other codes, participation is key for Hockey Victoria, and as part of this, Hockey Victoria was aiming to increase registered participation by 5,000 members – and social media played a large role in this.

Case Study Strategy at Aston Social

The Strategy

Bring it all together.

Sporting codes have a unique opportunity because unlike more commercial businesses, they don’t need to ‘sell’. This is great because it means you can simply use the code and their members love of their sport to promote.

Content from all angles.

Increasing membership isn’t the only thing important to HV. Inclusion and diversity are key to their business and again social media plays a large role in this. Aston Social created a number of new content streams that gathered significantly more engagement than other more ‘result’ driven content, by engaging the hearts of the audience, not just their minds.

Social Media Strategy for Hockey Victoria
Social Media Marketing for Hockey Victoria
Case Study Results at Aston Social

The Result

Facebook up 400%

With extremely limited ad budget and smart, well targeted content, we were able to increase Hockey Victoria’s Facebook following by over 400%. Engagements followed suit and the clubs all got involved which resulted in Hockey Victoria’s content spread outreaching Hockey Australia’s at times.

Instagram up ~5,000%

Surprisingly Hockey Victoria wasn’t using Instagram when they first started working with us. The initial launch was slow but over time accelerated, bringing a follower base increase of over 5,000%.

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