Case Study

Pharmacy software prevents drug abuse.

MediSecure delivers an electronic transfer of prescriptions system for general practice in Australia. MediSecure was looking to increase its brand awareness to those within the medical industry and increase its presence in the social space.

Spreading the message of life saving software through Social Media

Increasing membership isn’t the only thing important to HV. Inclusion and diversity are key to their business and again social media plays a large role in this. Aston Social created a number of new content streams that gathered significantly more engagement than other more ‘result’ driven content, by engaging the hearts of the audience, not just their minds.

Through the use of Facebook and LinkedIn, MediSecure was able to spread the message of its e-prescription services throughout the medical industry and generating an engaging conversation amongst medical professionals in the Twitter environment.

MediSecure’s passionate voice in the social space has proven to be a success with an increase in its fanbase and stronger brand recognition with members of the media acknowledging them in their publications.

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