Hottest Jobs in Australia August 2020

The Job At Hand Index Hiring Activity Change in Demand Rankings 32% of Employers have Difficulty Recruiting Recruitment Levels by State Occupations in Demand August 2020 Skills in Demand August 2020 Hiring Activity Hiring activity in businesses across Australia has varied greatly since April 2020. Obviously it comes as no surprise that with increased [...]

9 Australian Recruitment Statistics to change your perspective on how to hire your new staff

Average hiring cost per new staff member is around $5,000 Industry based surveys in Australia have shown that the average of hiring an entry to intermediate level staff member is just under $5,000 per staff member. This figure includes any of the direct costs of hiring, which includes job board listings or recruiter fees, [...]

Alternatives to Seek.com.au

If you've ever applied for a job in Australia or you've ever posted a job advert to get find candidates, you'll have come across Seek.com.au Seek is one of the 'originals', probably the largest and oldest job board in Australia. And that's great, it's certainly a wonderful place to run ads and a great place [...]