How to choose the best social media marketing agency with these 7 questions.

So you're looking for the best social media marketing agency for you? With so many choices around, how do you know where to start looking? What questions do you ask, what do you need to look out for? Below we examine 7 key questions you should ask and the detail you should look out for [...]

How much does social media marketing cost in Australia?

One of the major questions asked by a prospective customer of an agency is “how much does social media marketing cost?”. Given that we’re in Australia, that question often gets narrowed down to “in Australia?”. The question of cost and ultimately budget tends to be one of the major constraining factors in deciding to move [...]

The Aston Social Guide to Instagram Marketing in 2018

What is Instagram? Essentially, Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media platform.  Much like Facebook, everyone who has an Instagram account has a personal profile, news feed and direct messages. Users can share content with their 'followers' by posting images or videos to their profile. You can also see posts from the [...]

What makes a good website?

All business that want to succeed must have three main ingredients – a good product, good customer relations, and a good website. People will not believe this, but according to recent studies, 67.8% of clients never start a business with a company that has no real online presence aka the website.  Why? The main reason [...]

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business in 2018

It is common knowledge right now that every business needs to have their own social media accounts.   Unfortunately, not all businesses are big enough to make social media platforms at the same time.  So, businesses often have to choose between platforms that would work for them.  They need to know which one would make [...]

The Perks of Email Marketing

The Perks of Email Marketing One of the most problematic things when it comes to business is marketing especially online marketing.  Deciding between marketing strategies and making one tough decision after the other is hard. If you are currently on that stage of the business where you need to gain a little perspective on email [...]