In the current day and age, marketing is becoming more consumer-focused. Brands are establishing chances for users to engage with, interact with, and support their marketing initiatives. Through doing so, they’re creating opportunities for User Generated Content (UGC) which is a great element of a successful marketing campaign.

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

Any sort of content created and shared by users based on their experiences, thoughts, ideas, or feedback is known as user-generated content, or UGC. User-generated material is primarily found on digital platforms, particularly on social media networks.

Why you should be using UGC as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Social proof and brand advocacy 

Brand advocacy is when consumers support a brand by speaking highly and favourably of it to other consumers. If your company has loyal customers—or, even better, brand advocates—you can leverage their content to highlight brand advocacy, which can aid in bringing in new customers.

Brand advocacy is also a great way to generate social proof of the brand. Social proof is when customers validate the trustworthiness, authenticity and dependability of the brand’s goods and services.

Social proof isn’t something that can be self-generated by the brand, it has to come from consumers – that’s why UGC is a great solution.

2. Flow of diverse and creative content

Creating content can be quite a time consuming process. By having the option of using UGC, it can help make that process easier and create more diversity in your feed.

Creating content purely in-house can limit the diversity and creativity of the content. By utilizing UGC, you’re incorporating different perspectives with creative ideas and engaging content.

3. Humanized, community approach

By incorporating emotional and relationship-building elements to your feed through UGC, it creates a humanized, community element to the brand that resonates with your audience.

UGC can highlight how other customers feel towards the brand. By showcasing consumer content, a brand is more likely to connect with other potential customers and build a loyal community.