Every day we hear the same thing. I’m a B2B brand, I’m professional, I’m corporate, Facebook is not for us, we should be on LinkedIn or [insert other non-descript or boring platform here].

Facebook IS for B2B

The fundamental thing that people get lost on here is, businesses are full of people.

People who ARE on Facebook.

People who ARE on Instagram.

My prospect CEO is not on Facebook

Oh yeah, sure… For one, the odds are, they are.

But, lets just assume for a second they aren’t.

As we’re just ascertained, there are lots of people on Facebook (and Instagram). These people work in businesses, often in influential positions within businesses. Why are you ignoring and discounting them?

Aren’t these people, if not buyers and decision makers, aren’t they influencers, influential in the process of buying your product or service?

Why not think about reaching them? They’d be useful, right?

What do I do once I’ve reached them?

Does your C[Insert Letter Here]O know about this?

So you’ve decided that, whilst your target CEO isn’t on Facebook, their team are.

Here’s what you do.

  1. Develop a series of adverts that include the call to action “Does your CEO know about this?”
  2. Run these adverts targeting people who identify as working within the target business you wish to reach.
  3. Lead your advert to a landing page outlining the benefits that using your offering would bring a CEO
  4. Wait…

9,000 People see my advert

Only 4% react. That’s fine. You only want a handful of people to react.

The ideal scenario is that, of the large number of people who have seen your advert, only a few people – the right people – forward it onto their boss.

To their boss? Why?

Why on earth would they do that? I hear you say.

When people are at work, they typically want two things.

  • Recognition, and
  • Money.

How does forwarding your advert to their boss achieve this?

It makes them look good.

Looking good to their boss will

  • give them recognition, and
  • increase their chances of a raise or bonus.

Social Media, not Marketing

You see, Social Media by definition is about emotions, not about typical marketing.

The very platforms themselves are about emotions, being seen and feeling good, that’s the very premise of it all.

Your marketing on the platforms is as much about showing your stuff as it is content that will create some form of emotion in your audience.

People have emotions. Businesses have people. People are on Facebook. Facebook is about emotions.

Facebook IS for B2B

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