Due to the unexpected occurrences taking place over the past year, there have been huge developments within the workplace, some positive and some not.

Working from home has surprisingly seen an increase in employee productivity (which was unexpected), encouraging large corporations such as Google to extend their ‘WFH’ period until 2022, at least!

Delving further into these developments and the digital world, we are under the impression that a large number of businesses have been left feeling like they are back to square one.

Let’s imagine you have not made the move online as of yet, then suddenly lockdown happens and you have no choice but to move online. How would you be feeling?

We really are at a stage where social media is a now or never moment. With brick-and-mortar stores closed for the foreseeable future, if you do not act now, there may be huge opportunities lost. It is time to keep up-to-date with social media trends for 2021 and exploit every opening that becomes available.

Before listing the latest trends, it is key to remember that people are spending on average double the amount of time online than they were ‘pre lockdown’. This is quite substantial and should be used to its advantage.

1.     Consumer Ratings

So it may seem that this is an obvious trend or something that has been important for a while, but in fact it has more importance now than it ever has. Fake-news and fake-websites are a rising concern amongst online users nowadays, it is key to build trust and essentially build a community.

Recommendation: Have 150 loyal followers opposed to 1500 disloyal followers. Loyal followers will engage with your content and enter/share your competitions, disloyal ones will not. At the end of the day, you want to build that algorithm!

2.     Video, video, video

Early 2020, we saw a huge shake-up occur when TikTok was introduced to consumers everyday social platforms. In such a short space of time, TikTok really did grab the attention of online users and still does to this day. Shortly after, Instagram emerged with their new feature ‘Reels’ that has many similarities to the popular video-sharing platform. This alone shows the importance of video content in 2021, it is what people want to see and we do not envision that going away any time soon.

Recommendation: Be sure to include video within your social media strategy in 2021, then watch your audience grow. Both TikTok and IG Reels will reach a substantial amount more people than a photo will.

3.     Take advantage of Live Streams

It is not surprising that live streams have really hit it off in 2020, and not slowing down stepping into 2021. It is unfortunate that face-to-face business meetings have come to a halt, Christmas parties have come to a halt, and staff lunches have come to a halt, so why not jump on a live instead? Filling the physical void with a live stream has become the norm, but will it stick? We think so!

Recommendation: Use one of many third party applications available and embrace the opportunities that social media live streaming has to offer. Complete your goals in a way you would have never imagined.

We have helped all of our clients through not one, not two, but three lockdowns. Our motto is to “thrive and not just survive”.

We advise you to take advantage of opportunities, boost your offering by hosting an online event, use social media to build brand awareness, and certainly wow your customers.