In the world of social media marketing, LinkedIn is another professional tool to market your business. Like any other social media network, LinkedIn marketing works better when you have more audience. LinkedIn does not allow users to send more than a hundred requests a week to curb bullies and spam, hence it is difficult to build large audience in short time. However, if you increase your activity on the platform, you can be promoted to the premium section and be allowed for paid programs and add people to your profile. In addition, to add connections, there are a number of ways to increase your audience reach and market your business.

Here are effective tips to reach more audience in LinkedIn

1. Make Conversations

Whenever a user comments on your post, use it as an opportunity for conversation and convert the comment into a conversation. To do this, post something which encourages responses and then engage your audience by replying to their comments.

How To Reach More Audience with LinkedIn - Aston Social Marketing Melbourne

Tips on how to make conversations:

  • Post meaningful content, so it brings responses
  • Converse with your audience when they comment on your posts

  • Ask questions through your connection’s posts, which leads to a insightful conversation

  • Engage in group chats

Engaging in conversations through LinkedIn’s community improves your professional network. This will eventually lead to having a much wider network and connection which you can promote your business to.

2. Hashtags and Mention Tag

Make sure that your posts are comprehensible and easily digestible by your audience. They must be specific to increase exposure. To further your cause use relevant niche hashtags and @mentions so that the post reaches the targeted audience.

How To Reach More Audience with LinkedIn - Aston Social Melbourne

Tips to use hashtags and mention tags:

  • It is recommended that at least use three to four hashtags in one post but do not overdo

  • Use relevant hashtags or @mentions when sharing someone else’s content

  • Use popular hashtags from the LinkedIn page

Not only that you promote brand awareness by using hashtags and mentions, but you  can also help reach more audiences.

3. Use Other Platforms

Not all your audience needs to check their LinkedIn account daily, but they might restrict their other social media accounts. So, try sharing your LinkedIn post on other social media platforms so it reaches more audiences.

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How to share your link on other platforms:

  • Share the link of LinkedIn posts on other sites

  • Use it in your email marketing campaigns

  • Make sure to share your posts on your website too if you have one.

  • Share the link through posts descriptions

Sharing your LinkedIn posts on other social platforms expands your reach. Make sure to share your posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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