Welcome to the very first Aston Social Lab – a series of short online masterclasses covering various topics to help boost your knowledge about the world of social media so you can grow your business.

In the first masterclass, Aston Social Associate and Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Ellen Roumeliotis, discussed the importance of how to properly implement the right Facebook Ad Structure to improve your social media campaign and business goals.

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1. The Structure of a Facebook Campaign

A Facebook Campaign has 3 levels:

  • Campaign

  • Ad Set

  • Ad

All levels must be developed for the campaign to be able to run.

2. Campaign Level

This is where you set the campaign objective and goals. Whether you plan to monitor traffic, lead generation, or conversions.

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversion

3. Ad Set Level

This level will allow you to configure how you’d like your ads to run such as setting budget for an ad, its time frame for your ads to run, your target audience and how you’d like to have your ad displayed.

  • Budget

  • Timeframe

  • Target Audience

  • Placements

4. Ad Level

This is what your customers and target audience will see. This can be in the form of:

  • Images

  • Carousel

  • Videos

  • Collections

5. Creating Multiple Ad Sets

With one Campaign, you can have multiple Ad Sets. And within each Ad Set, you can have multiple Ads.

At the Campaign level, we can see the Delivery status, overall Budget, Results, Reach, Impressions, Cost Per Result and Amount Spent.

While on the Ad Set level, the results are broken down per audience. This can be in the form of location based or customer audience based. There are also no limitations to how many Ad Sets you can have.

And when you select on one of your Ad Sets, it then takes you to the Ad level. Here you can see which Ads are performing best for each audience and make changes based on your findings. It is recommended to have more than one Ad within each Ad Set.

6. Ad Structure on Other Social Media Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads runs a similar 3-tier structure to Facebook. They are named slightly differently.

  • Ad Campaign Level

  • Ad Group Level

  • Ad Level

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn also runs a 3-tier campaign structure, again named differently.

  • Campaign Group (Objective)

  • Campaign (Audience, Placements)

  • Ads