Using Instagram for Marketing

Instagram knows that the businesses are in great need of their help.  This is why business account profiles have been introduced and in the coming months, some more are coming. With the Instagram business accounts, it will be easier for people to contact the businesses and for the businesses to contact the people.  Changes like [...]

How to Build a Professional Personal LinkedIn Profile?

Building a professional LinkedIn Profile is not that hard.  Well, maybe not for us at Aston Social because we have built dozens upon dozens of profiles that have made a good impression on others. However, we really love sharing and we do not like keeping things to ourselves so we have created a list that [...]

Pinterest Should Be Your SEO Target

In 2016 if you told us that Pinterest would become the next way to rank on social engines, we would have said that you were insane.  Fast forward to 2018 and here we are, Pinterest-dependent and Pinterest-addicted. What happened to us at Aston Social? Pinterest has definitely come a long way.  From a growing social [...]

The Importance of Social Media

Small local businesses need to read this and stop whatever it is they are doing because we are dropping a bomb that nobody would see coming.   We have received some important queries from small business owners about whether they need to have a social media account or not and we will answer that here. [...]

Create Your Personal Brand to Get Some Personal Audience

Did you know that there are over 2 million businesses currently trading in Australia?  Not to mention the competition that are around the globe. With the dawn of the internet, the competition does not only begin and end on the location of the business but it is really global. With that, it is important for [...]

Do I really need bloggers to talk about my business?

Many of our clients have asked this and we decided to finally address it.   The recent trend of marketing, specially the aggressive ones, is to make use of bloggers to collaborate with and share ideas with.  For makeup brands, there are makeup collaborations. For online businesses, there are idea collaborations. For YouTube stars, there [...]