It is no secret that the world has become a very different place recently. People are feeling disconnected from one another, and we ask ourselves why? In an extremely digitalised world, with social platforms connecting people in a way that we couldn’t have imagined years ago, why are we feeling like this?

Networking events are no more, work parties are no more, business dinners are no more. We are sat behind screens day in day out, leaving us feeling rather lonely in this ‘highly connected world’.

How do we fix this?” Well, it certainly will not be something we can do overnight, but we can give it our best go.
How about the idea of creating a community, a content-driven community. This is exactly what some popular brands such as Nike & Netflix have done. Posting content and keeping on top of it is part of the job, but posting engaging content that people remember is the bulk of it.

Content ideas:
• Funny & unique memes that are relatable to the current situation
• Choose a hashtag and use it throughout all social media profiles
• Videos are becoming increasingly popular

If you want to take this a step further in 2021, how about creating a private community? Perhaps a Facebook group or a 3rd party platform where your followers and fans can feel like part of a community. Try including something within the group that will make your fans feel connected, you will see your business flourish in a different way.

The overall problem we want to solve, is people feeling disconnected from one another. Let’s build a community, lets get some normality back, and most of all – let’s get business back on track.