In the world of digital marketing, one of the vital ingredients is to have a social media account. For instance, an Instagram account can help you grow your business and expand it to new territories. Be it a coffee shop, clothing store, or any kind of business, creating and maintaining a business Instagram account can have a lot of benefits. It gives you access to tools like analytics, calls for action, and updating stories daily to remind customers about your business and your new products.

Here are a list of benefits of having an Instagram business account.

1. Instagram’s Extra Features

Like other social media platforms, Instagram’s business account features differ from its personal account in many aspects. Turning your account into a business account allows you to access various features to promote your business.

Benefits of Having an Instagram Business Account - Aston Social Melbourne

Instagram business account extra features:

  • Having a call-to-action button

  • Promote your posts and stories

  • Access to Insights (Instagram Analytics Tool)

  • Place advertisements

By using these extra features, you will be able to engage customers consistently and more effectively. Make sure to apply these extra features to your Instagram business account on a daily basis.

2. Reaching Out

Before the feature of an Instagram business account, the only way to contact a business was to visit their website. Now through the business account, business has access to user’s number, and their following. The business account can appear on the Instagram account of the customer and give them the option to reach out to the business. It is estimated that one-third of Instagram users use the app to make purchases.

Benefits of an Instagram Business Account - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ways to reach out more audience with your Instagram business account

  • Have them visit your website

  • Have them call your business phone number

  • Have the audience send you a message via Instagram

  • Provide your business location or physical address

Ways to reach out audience using your Instagram account would help improve the potential customers in the future.

3. Instagram Insights

Instagram analytics, also known as Insights, help your business track how its content impacts your business. Although it is in a nascent stage, it can offer a convenient way to track your Instagram account’s traffic and engagement statistics.

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Benefits of Instagram Insights:

  • Overall view statistics of your Instagram posts

  • It shows a comprehensive impressions data of your posts

  • It gives you the follower’s information

  • Offers active hours for your users

Instagram Insights offers a comprehensive data about your Instagram business account’s analytical data. This covers insights for posts, stories, videos, reels, and live videos.

4. Advertising

Like most social media platform, an Instagram business account allows you to create Instagram ads to further promote your business. Instagram ads are one of the best methods to approach and engage your target audience.

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What can you do with Instagram ads:

  • Promote your post

  • Call for action

  • Set customized advertisements

Instagram ads generate quality traffic. It doesn’t only increase the following of your brand, but also maintains exposure of your business to the right audience.

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