Writing content in a conversion-oriented manner helps improve engagement between your business and your audience. Content creation is not only crucial for achieving lead generation, but also proves your marketing strategy goals are working.

Below are types of content that will help you improve conversion for your marketing goals.

1. Case Studies

Case Studies are high-converting form of content which gives your audience comprehensive information in achieving a specific business goal for your subject by presenting the problem, action plan, and result.

Case Studies for High Converting Content - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ways to create an engaging content for case studies:

  • Present and share the problem.

  • Provide the suggested action plan and solution.

  • Provide the results based on the action plan its positive outcome.

Case Studies give you an insight about the feasibility and effectiveness of a specific solution applied to a certain issue. This qualifies as a high quality content because it can help others test your method which has been proven to work. It provides a detailed insight to a given situation that involves a proper action plan.

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2. Personal Stories

Narrative marketing such as writing personal stories not only helps connect with readers on a personal level, but it also makes it easier for readers to relate to the story. It is also considered as a high converting content because it often builds trust and credibility.

Writing Personal Stories for Conversion Rate - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ways to create an engaging content for personal stories:

  • Add an emotional tone that is true to your story’s context.

  • Visualise your story as an inspiration for the readers when writing .

  • Use social media platforms to post your personal story to reach an audience on a personal level.

Personal stories humanise your content, and tends to go viral which is a good advantage in acquiring high conversions.

3. Guides, How-To’s, and Tips

Knowing that your content is useful to others will automatically draw engagement and a high chance of converting. This can be in the form of guides, tips, and how-to’s. This could pretty much apply everything in a daily life situation where the subject content can be endless!

Creating Guides Tips and How-tos for Conversion - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ways to create an engaging content for guides, tips, or how-to’s:

  • Enlist your steps when writing how-to’s in a conversational style.

  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes before writing tips or guides to better connect with them.

  • Give visual examples such as images or videos along with your written guides to provide a more comprehensive information for the readers.

Good advice is always welcome especially if it’s free. Giving the readers useful information can lead up to a high chance of conversion which leads to a successful marketing strategy for your business goals!

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4. Reviews

If you’re a content writer for a specific industry, writing reviews is one of the essential information readers go to before they buy a product or acquire a service. This saves them time and cost before buying anything. Once the readers have satisfaction from your review, they tend to go back to you the next time you write a review for products or services based on the industry you’re operating in.

Writing Reviews - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

Ways to create an engaging content for writing reviews:

  • Be transparent and neutral when writing reviews.

  • Emphasise on both the positive and negative aspects of the product/services you’re writing a review about.

  • Explain your reason behind any criticism to the product and services you’re writing a review about.

Writing reviews brings the value of trust and reputation, and this can be rewarding which leads to a successful conversion.

5. Videos

Majority of marketers say that video content creation is effective for generating leads as it is not only an easy method for viewers to be informed, but it can reach a wide scope of audience given videos are efficient and easy to remember!

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Ways to create an engaging video content:

  • Initially try to capture your audience’s attention during the introduction of your video content.

  • Get straight to the point. Avoid using fillers to extend the length of the videos that doesn’t really give any useful information to the viewer.

  • Keep a high-quality video, while also maintaining the tone and voice of your brand.

  • Upload your videos on social media channels such as YouTube to reach a much wider audience.

Investing in video creation requires strategy, but is very rewarding. More people tend to go to YouTube to get informed easily and quickly, which can be a form of creating generating leads.

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