We all know that one of the information we check before purchasing a product or acquiring a service is through other customer’s reviews. People are more likely to purchase your product or services when someone has already said that they have a great experience with it, and it is also a vital component for your business to earn recognition and good reputation.

Here is a list of ways you can generate online social reviews for your business.

1. Ask for customer reviews and feedback

Once you have delivered the products or services to your customer, ask them if they can leave a feedback or review which would add up to your business track record. Send an email template to your customer and inform them how important their feedback would be for the business by sharing their review.

3 Ways to Generate Online Social Reviews - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

How to ask for customer reviews:

  • Via your Google Listing / My Business

  • Add a testimonials section to your website containing your customer’s review

  • Via your other social media channel such as LinkedIn or Instagram

  • Call them via phone or email them

  • Ask them in person if possible

A great customer review can be acquired if you provide great service for your customers. Make sure to be consistent with your services to gain a positive feedback.

2. Connect with customer on a personal level

Humanising your communication with your customers will help you connect with them easier and better, resulting to having a positive customer review or feedback, especially through social media platforms which create great engagement. Carefully listen to what your customers have to say by providing them great customer service. This will have a positive impact to your business’ online reviews.

Customer Review and Engagement - Aston Social Digital Marketing Melbourne

How to connect with customers on a personal level:

  • Show interest and listen to you customers

  • Give a compliment in a genuine way

  • Emphatise with them

  • Send them postcard on holidays and thanking them for trusting your business

  • Respond to their concerns

  • Go the extra mile!

Connecting with customers on a personal level shows that you value them. This strengthens your relationship with customers which will be a great way to earn positive reviews for your business.

3. Follow up with your customers

Sometimes after a service or product has been delivered to customers, we don’t usually receive any feedback from them. This is where you step in and do a follow up and find out what they think about your products or services. This also shows that you genuinely care about your customers which gives them the impression of a great customer service.

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How to do a follow-up to your customers for feedback:

  • Ask them about their experience
  • Ask them how you can improve your services

  • Offer promotional offers or discounts if possible

  • Respond to negative reviews and acknowledge them that you’ll be happy to provide better service as much as possible

  • You can also simply send them a survey to better get a comprehensive feedback

Whether it’s a negative or a positive review, following up with customers shows that you are willing to improve and be better as a business. This is a great business practice to help your business grow and be connected with your customers consistently!

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