Social media advertisement is one of the go-to tools for businesses to reach people for various purposes. Google ads are one of the biggest online advertising tools; however, other ad platforms like Facebook are growing rapidly. Having said that, both tools have their own specificities and niches, so it is vital to know which platforms offer the best service for your business.

1. Target Audience

Targeting audience is the essential aspect of advertising. Before choosing an advertising platform, knowing which platform best targets your target audience is important.

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How target audience works for Google ads and Facebook ads:

  • Google uses its keyword technique to target the audience. It will also show the audience advertisements that the user is searching for. So, it is an efficient way to target the audience.

  • Google can narrow down its target based on location, language, and income base.

  • Facebook advertisements are more detailed

  • Facebook target audience can be also based on age, earnings, hobbies, and which pages the target audience likes the most

Focusing on the right target audience will make your marketing expense work effectively for you. Make sure to identify the right target audience when using either Google ads or Facebook ads.

2. Buyer Intent

Hunting for customers based on their buying intention is another aspect where the two platforms differ. There certain points within the advertising process where these two platforms work effectively.

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How buyer intent works for Google ads and Facebook ads:

  • Google targets such audience when they are ready to buy

  • When a user searches for something, the google search engine displays the product ad

  • Facebook personalizes such campaigns

  • Facebook advertisements work best in either situation of intent or brand awareness.

In this situation, Facebook ad works better, as a user on google might not always intends to buy something when he or she press search button. Fully understanding how buyer or purchase intent works will give you a better picture of how to strategise your marketing effectively.

3. Scalability

Before putting up an ad and while it is in operation, it is important to note its cost. With the performance of your ad, you might want to change the ad campaign. So, before choosing an ad platform, it must be bear in mind.

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How scalability performs for Google ads and Facebook ads:

  • Google ads can be considered rigid in this sense, as the marketeer cannot easily change or predict the cost. But with acquiring enough data through a specific time window, you will be able to predict the cost based on the campaign performance.

  • Facebook ads can easily be adjusted based on the campaign performance during the starting phase of your advertising campaigns.

Having a scalable advertising platform will allow you to sell your services without sacrificing the cost.

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