So you’ve decided to advertise on Facebook? Wise move! Not only can you target your ideal consumer, it’s arguably one of the most cost effective ways to promote your brand. Through facebook advertising, you’ll not only gain quality leads but also it can help lower your marketing expenses.

Think of how much it costs to advertise on TV or radio. You can’t guarantee how many people will actually see or hear your ad. On Facebook it’s the total opposite; you’re charged for each impression, click, download, etc.

There are a number of different ad types you can run on Facebook but how do you know which ones are most appropriate for your brand? We’ve broken them down for you…

Here The Different Ad Types on Facebook to Run

1. App Engagement

The App Engagement ad type is all about getting people to engage in an activity on your app. It could be anything from playing a game, to shopping, to watching videos. If you’re looking to get more people using your app, then this is the way to go.

2. App Installs

The name says it all – getting people downloading your app. This ad type is ideal for new apps on the market. If your app is already established, stick to an App Engagement ad.

3. Brand Awareness

This ad type is fairly new to Facebook and is all about building awareness about your brand, rather than increasing your Page’s engagement levels. It reaches the people more likely to pay attention to your ads.

4. Clicks to Website

This one is pretty straightforward. It’s ultimately about sending people to important sections of your website, paying for each click.

5. Event Responses

Running an event? This is the best way to let your target audience know about it and get more responses.

6. Lead Generation

This ad type enables you to add a form to your ad to collect information from people who are interested in your product or service. Perfect for those looking to increase the number of leads to their business.

7. Local Awareness

With the Local Awareness ad type you can reach people that are near your business. You’re able to add a “Get Directions” call-to-action button to make it easier for people to find you. This is perfect for shops and restaurants.

8. Offer Claims

Offering a discount or special deal in your shop or restaurant? This ad type is the best way to spread the word and get more traffic through the doors. If you’re worried about people exploiting it, don’t worry because you can add an expiry date.

9. Page Likes

Looking to grow the number of Likes on your Facebook Page? A Page Likes ad does exactly that, charging you for each Like. Why grow your Page’s Likes? You’ll have more eyeballs looking at your content on a regular basis.

A guide to Facebook Advertising - Aston Social Digital Marketing

10. Page Post Engagement

To reach an audience outside of your Page’s following, then this is the ad type for you. It targets people who are likely to engage with your post, whether it be a Like, Comment or Share.

11. Video Views

This one is self-explanatory – get more people watching your video. The aim is to keep the video short and sharp but also attractive enough to stop users scrolling through their News Feeds.

12. Website Conversions

This is slightly different to Clicks to Website ads because it gets people to take specific actions on your website, for example, signing up to a newsletter or buying a product.