Let’s get ready to rumble!! Here we have a social media rivalry like no other. In the red corner, weighing in at US$14.73 on the stock market, the Stories veteran, Snapchat. And in the blue corner, weighing in at US$162.86 on the stock market, the new kid on the block, Instagram Stories. Let’s hope it’s a good, clean fight…

Snapchat vs Instagram Which is Better

Head-to-head, there’s not much separating these two social media platforms. Snapchat was once its own unique social media platform. It had a strong fours years riding solo until Instagram announced the release of Instagram Stories in August last year which was essentially a direct copy of Snapchat within the Instagram app.

In the beginning, many said, “Who would use Instagram Stories? Snapchat for the win,” but oh, how times have changed. Forward the clock to the present and Instagram Stories has surpassed 250 million daily active users. Meanwhile, Snapchat sits on a worrying 166 million that appears to only be decreasing.

So if they’re practically the same thing, which one do you stick with? Snapchat has better filters and the opportunity to advertise with geo-filters, but with Instagram you have the opportunity to reach so many more people. Snapchat also has a younger audience so, in terms of advertising, you’re probably better off spending your money on Instagram Stories. You can be as targeted as you like on Instagram, whereas with Snapchat you are restricted to audience location and whatever content they engage with on the app.

Speaking for brands and businesses, it looks like the winner of this head-to-head is Instagram Stories. You’ll get more bang for your buck and it’s in a pretty comfortable position. We don’t see Instagram going anywhere anytime soon.


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