It’s fair to say 2018 will be an interesting year in the world of social media. With talks of algorithm changes and more ‘moment-sharing’ (i.e. Instagram Stories), the way we curate and create our social media content is set to evolve.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends that will dominate over the next 12 months…

Here Are The 5 Top Social Media Trends

#1 – The Rise of Instagram Stories

It’s been over a year since the release of Instagram Stories and it only continues to take over the social media world. Presently, one in five organic Instagram Stories from business accounts receive at least one direct message from its audience.

Instagram is currently developing its own standalone app for Instagram Direct Messages which will enhance the way brands speak to their customers on the platform. As it stands, there are more than 375 million active users communicating on Instagram Direct.

#2 – Brand Investment in Messaging Platforms

With the continued growth of Facebook Messenger and now Instagram Direct, the demand for consumer-brand communication is higher than ever.

Expect to see more brands using these platforms more regularly to create an even more personalised experience for the consumer. It also keeps more of those negative comments in a private space!

#3 – Twitter Due For a Revamp

Ah, Twitter. What a mess, really. It experienced a horrific 2017, falling behind in usage compared to the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

This will be Twitter’s make-or-break year. Something needs to be done to make it ‘relevant’ again… It’s going to be a difficult task, that’s for sure!

#4 – Introduction of Facebook Spaces

Facebook takes the lead again as it is set to introduce a virtual reality (VR) social media product called Facebook Spaces.

The tool enables you to use your Facebook photos to build and customise your own VR character and connect with your friends in real time.

#5 – Focus on Personal Experiences

‘Make Facebook great again!’

Facebook has put the pressure on brands to create better content after stating it will be prioritising personal content in 2018. With more than 50 million businesses using social media to communicate with their customers, we’re reaching brand fatigue which has seen engagement levels drop for most business pages. Content will start to look more ‘personal’ and ‘human’ to maintain brand relevance. Be prepared to go that extra mile with your content this year.

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