YouTube has become one of the most successful video sharing applications in the world.  From a website that started with just a simple interface to the marketing wizard that it is today, getting YouTube on your website’s side is definitely one of the best things that a company can do.

Whether you are an influencer or you are a company who has a very demonstrable product, getting into YouTube and having the right subscribers should definitely be a part of your social media optimization plan.

Your social media strategy is nothing if you do not know how to handle this social media platform. With the following tips, you can increase your YouTube subscribers immensely:

Social Media Optimization Tips on Youtube

  1. Do not be swayed by hacks. You have probably encountered videos of the following title:
  • Tips On How To Hack For More Subscribers
  • YouTube Hacks You Should Know
  • Things That YouTube does not want you to know

Whatever the title is and whatever promises a video may give you, do not believe them.  The worst thing that you can do is trying to shortcut your YouTube success and you may just end up with fewer subscribers. Most of these hacks are just pranks.  What should you do instead?

Instead of taking a shortcut to what you think is good YouTube advice you should do the following:

  • Stop wasting time looking for YouTube shortcuts. There are none. We know that it can be hard to ignore the opportunity when someone tells you that you may get a lot of subscribers; but the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you do not lose sight of the fact that great things take time.
  • Build a plan to promote your YouTube channel. Planning is the best thing that a business can do for their website. Social media strategy and social media optimization are more successful with good planning and the support of a carefully detailed plan.
  • Start with manual tasks. You cannot get the traction that you want in an instant. Therefore, you should try to do as much as you can and your efforts will be rewarded.


  1. Follow the 1×4 content schedule. The main secret of YouTube is publishing. When an individual publishes frequently, they make sure that the subscribers are all updated with information related to the product… The formula is simple: a company will only need to post at least four YouTube videos a month and success will be forthcoming. . If you want your company to succeed, you need to use YouTube for social media optimization and publish a video once every week.


  1. Stop making long videos. Did you know that an individual only has a 10-second attention span? In this time, you need to catch his or her attention to make sure that they stay. If you spend the first few seconds of your video talking t and talking some more, you will end up losing more people’s interest.


What can you do instead?  Instead of making a long video and trying to drag a simple video into a long one, you should try doing the following:

  • Shorten your intro. You do not need to have 15 seconds to introduce yourself. Your name flashing and a subtitle about where you are and what you are doing should be enough to keep the attention of an individual.
  • Skip the flashy intro and theme music. Again, you do not need a long introduction; all that you need is the right kind of introduction. Gone are the days when you should invest time on your flashy intro because now is the time for short and fast ones.
  • Make sure the first eight seconds of every video hooks viewers. Yes! If the attention span of a person is 10 seconds, you should get them hooked in 8 seconds. This is the right formula for you to get that subscriber, nothing more and nothing less.


  1. Use Other Social Media Sites. There are a lot of ways to make a video stand out and one of these ways is to share your videos with other social media platforms. If you have a lot of social media accounts, then this is the time to share all your content in other places.  Pinterest is an example of this.  Pinterest works well with YouTube and all that a business must do is to make sure that they get the right kind of adjustment from YouTube to Pinterest.


One tip:  If you want your Pinterest campaign to work with your YouTube campaign, you should learn how to create some Pinterest ads.  While this is a new concept for most social media managers, it definitely works. Advertising on Pinterest reaches a very specific market based on the pins that you use.  We will write a separate article on this so you can be informed about this.

More to Come: This is the first part on how you can get more YouTube Subscribers.  There is a second article dedicated to this topic but the first four tips are the ones that every business owner should know at this point in time.  After applying them, it would be the time to go to the second part of this series.