So you’re managing a YouTube channel but not quite getting the traction you had initially envisioned? There’s always room for improvement, but first, it’s important to understand how YouTube’s algorithm works so you can jump ahead of competing videos on the platform.

YouTube’s algorithm essentially decides which videos people see first when they are on the site. There are six key places where the algorithm impacts where your videos will appear.

6 Key Places Your Vides Will Appear Include:

  • Search results
  • Suggested videos stream
  • YouTube home page
  • Trending stream
  • Under the viewer’s subscriptions
  • Notifications set up by the user

YouTube wants to help its viewers find the videos they want to watch and maximise long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction.

The algorithm is ranked to reward engagement rather than clicks on videos. So what is determined as engagement?

  • What a user watches and doesn’t watch
  • How long the user spends watching a video
  • How much time the user spends watching videos during each visit to YouTube
  • Likes, dislikes and ‘not interested’ feedback on videos

And how can you improve your channel and videos based on the above?

YouTube SEO

You have complete control over the key information YouTube’s search engine relies on to understand what your video is about. This includes things like titles, descriptions and tags. Being strategic with the information you put in there will help boost your ranking in search results.

Attracting your viewer

First impressions are everything. What is the first thing a user sees when your video pops up in the search results? A creative and eye-catching thumbnail is the key here.

Keeping the viewer engaged

This is all about the content in your video. You need to do all that you can to ensure the user will keep watching because the longer they watch, the more the algorithm will favour your content.

Perhaps tell viewers at the beginning of the video about something exciting at the end of it to keep them engaged.

Subscriber acquisition & loyalty

The algorithm looks at how many subscribers you have and how many of them watch your videos in the days after they’re uploaded. Click here to find out some ways you can increase the number of YouTube subscribers to your channel.


Playlists are a strategic way of keeping your viewer hooked because once a video ends, YouTube automatically plays the next video in the list.


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