So it is not breaking news that Covid-19 has changed the way Social Media platforms are functioning. Being a frequent user of Social Media myself (shock), I enjoy keeping myself updated with the innovative changes that these platforms are implementing (even if they aren’t yet active in Australia)!

5 Social Media Updates to keep Innovated

1. Educational events for Facebook group admins!

Facebook has introduced scheduled events for group admins, in aim to assist them in making the best use of Facebook groups, while better managing their online communities. These events are currently scheduled from May until September, and you can find the upcoming dates here.

Facebook first introduced a Community Connect Event which had a great response, prompting them to providing its users with more insight and assistance across the platform. Take a read here to view the sessions from the first event (Community Connect), it definitely provides you with some useful information!

2. Introduction of a ‘Hit Me Up’ sticker which will enable Message Interaction directly from Facebook stories!

According to Facebook, there has been a 50% increase of messaging activity on Messenger over the past few months. Given that Social Media messaging is on such a rise, Facebook is investigating a new way to prompt direct messaging between users with the use of the new sticker ‘Hit Me Up’. You can always rely on Facebook to keep updated with current trends!

By using the sticker on a story, a user would be sparking new message interactions, allowing users to send a quick DM response via the sticker. With messaging on the rise, the sticker will be introduced to facilitate more intimate engagement and give users another way to stay connected whilst apart.

3. Updated font and background styles – Instagram Stories.

Instagram have been rapidly adapting to the current situation with the likes of, updated stickers, IGTV updates and Small Business assistance, what is next?

Well.. with the focus being story orientated, Instagram are rolling out a number of new font options where you will see additional fonts and background to make your stories more appealing!

4. Facebook content can be transferred to Google Photos!

This development is quite exciting for myself, who is an avid Google Photos user AND has an immense amount of photos on Facebook!

Facebook is enabling users to transfer all of their Facebook Photo and Video content to Google Photos, yet unfortunately it hasn’t reached Australia as of yet. After launching in Ireland in December 2019, Facebook have expanded the option across users in both the USA and Canada as of this week.

I think its a great development facilitating greater sharing, and look forward to Australia’s introduction.

Read their detailed announcement here:

5. LinkedIn stories are now available in Brazil!

Users in Brazil have been welcomed to LinkedIn’s new Stories feature! Detailing a story bar across the top of the screen, the stories look somewhat similar as they would on both Facebook and Instagram, bar some minor differences.

Again, another development that I look forward to being introduced to Australia!