Facebook is always changing.  This has become a problem for a lot of businesses and social media users.  It became even more difficult to reach the target audience even if you are paying for it.

Studies have shown that only a total 3% to 6% would see a post.  Once that percentage reacts to the post, that is the time that Facebook would allow more users to see the content.

Fortunately, there are other ways to make sure that your audience will get their much deserved posts and content quality that they need.

Here at Aston Social we have three fine tips on how to make Facebook posts visible

  1. Make Great Content

We cannot stress this enough.  You need to make your audience actually care about what you are saying.  Show them what they need and provide content that they can actually use.  Make content that is relevant for your audience.

There are three kinds of content that your audience should see:

  1. Fact based content.  Show the audience some facts about the industry and the changes that come with it.
  2. Product based content.  Every once in a while, show they the products that you have and the products that you can give them. Get the knowledge across to the audience.  
  3. Fun based content.  Make your audience laugh and they will love you for it.

Produce this kind of mixed content and you should definitely get a great turnaround on your content.  Nobody likes boring content that is just one dimensional.  

Be open to all dimensions and show your serious and funny side.  That way, your audience will see that humans are actually running your business and you will feel more approachable.

Your audience will feel comfort in that fact.

  1. Invest in Boost Posts

As a business, you cannot afford to lose an audience just because they do not know that you still exist as a business.  Boost your posts, make your voice be heard.  

The following are the advantages of post boosting:

  1. You reach your market in real time.
  2. You know what works and what does not because Facebook will give you insights.
  3. You spend money on a specific way for reaching your market.
  1. Time Your Posts Correctly

To get seen by the right audience, you need to know when your audience actually goes on social media to be able to read your posts.  Your efforts on creating posts and boosting them would just make no sense if you do not know how to time your posts correctly.

  1. Accompany it with photos.

You should make it a point to post content and photos every now and then.  That way, you will catch the attention of the audience.

  1. Post regularly

Every person would agree that when the post regularly, they get a steady stream of likes and interactions with their friends.  The same  goes with businesses because if a business would post regularly, the audience know that they are thre and present in their lives.

Pro-Tip: If you notice, all of these tips are content based.  Here ate Aston Social, we believe that content is king and businesses should never ignore the big role that it plays on their lives and the lives on their businesses.

Are you struggling to engage and reach your audience on Facebook? Do you need help creating amazing content that your audience can connect with? Get in touch with your digital marketing experts here at Aston Social Co today.