Having a personal brand is sort of like advertising yourself.  Every person on the planet needs to create a personal brand that sticks to the facts and has zero fuss.  

Business owners, employees, and professional need to create a brand that they can call their own and establish a name that people could trust.

With that in mind, how can you build your personal brand?  What are the best places where you can make your capabilities known? What are the proper steps to make to build a personal brand that sticks?

There are four ways to do that and the following are the four ways

  1. Know who you are online (Right now)

Before getting into the whole “I want to be famous on the internet” train.  Every person should ask the questions:

  • Who am I on the internet right now? – do you already have a following?  Do you have embarrassing My Space photos that you need to bury?  You should always be in touch with your presence so you know how to edit them out.
  • Can I delete those photos of me partying?  You should.  If you want to look professional and you do not want potential clients or employers to see your hard partying side, you better start auditing those pictures and removing them from existence.
  • What photos can I keep?  You should also know what to delete and what to keep.


  1. Create a professional LinkedIn profile

You should always be ready to create a professional LinkedIn profile.  You are an adult now and you need to enter the adult world.  LinkedIn is a great way to start as there are potential clients and potential employers that are lurking around those sites so you should have a professional looking profile, nothing more and nothing less.

  1. Secure a personal website for everyone to see

Social media profiles are important but not as important as a personal website. Make sure that it looks clean and professional and make sure that you have the best looking and most proficient website.  You do not need to dress it up as a simple website would do.

  1. Link all of your professional social media accounts

The best brands are all linked together with the same story and with the same looking profile.  Take advantage of every effort that you have put in just to create a profile that would stick.  Your personal brand should be consistent all throughout the social media channels.

Now that you know some of the tips that we have for your online personal brand, make sure that you stick pick a brand that is a real reflection of who you are, what you do, what you want to achieve and everything else about you.  Be simple.  Be concise.  Be truthful.  Achieve your personal brand by really going personal.


Do you have other tips that would make achieving a personal brand easy?  Are you willing to share them to us?  We, at Aston Social, are all ears.  We would love to hear from you.