Social media is one of the most critical aspects of marketing.  here are many people with experience and knowledge of how to handle social media accounts and how to ensure that every social media post has a bearing on their rankings. You need to develop this skill to improve your business’ rankings.

Of course, this is easier said than done because the market is ever changing and the demand of each market is different.  Hence, we have created an article series about social media general guidelines.  This the best way to keep up with the demands and the changes to a specific business’  target market. Social media optimization is the focus of a ‘selling social media post’!.

Firstly, it is essential to look at what kinds of posts you can create for each social media platform.

What are the critical components in a selling social media post for each of the respective social media platforms out there?


As the founder of all social media, Facebook has become one of the most volatile and highly populated platforms in the world.  With more than a billion users, there are already a lot of issues and fake news that spread throughout this platform.  Hence, trust is one thing that a business must be able to establish with the audience in this very popular social media platform.

Establishing trust is a tricky situation for most online business.  How do you make your audience trust you? How do you make sure that you believe the content that you are sharing?

For beginners, the two most essential components of a ‘selling social media post’ for Facebook include the following:

  1. Videos – these are news videos, research videos, or documentaries that come from trusted sources from all over the world
  2. Curated content – when content is curated correctly, the audience will trust the way that business manages content since it is focused on that aspect


As the best component for a social media strategy for product-based companies, social media managers must always be on the lookout to ensure that only quality content will be shared with this platform.

Instagram is the most recent booming marketplace.  Beauty product mogul Kylie Jenner found her following on Instagram. Celebrities now charge a lot of money for each post featuring a company’s products.  There are even Instagram models that have developed an industry through time.

The world now needs Instagram, and as a business, you should know how to capture the audience with your content.  The following are the best kinds of content to share on this platform.

  1. High-resolution photos – say goodbye to those photos that do not reach the high-quality resolution of big screens, it makes you look unprofessional. Make sure that you carry only high-resolution images to establish your authority as a business.
  2. Quotes – quotes are definitely ‘in’ with Instagram. There are a lot of things that can be shared on social media that could inspire and spark conversations. For the right social media optimization, it is essential to understand what every quote could do for your business. Do you want to inspire? Do you want to spark a conversation?
  3. Stories – Instagram stories have usurped the world of Snapchat. These are often short videos shared through the platform that could allow a person to share part of their day. Online businesses can use this to share their products and services.


The place with the little character limits and now the threads have also taken their part of their world.  Businesses love showing off their products and services with this platform.  A strong  social media strategy with Twitter should have the following content:

  1. News – news shared through Twitter spreads like wildfire. Most of the demographic from age 18-34 get their news feeds from Twitter since many of the new agencies have their accounts with this platform.
  2. Blog posts – these are not as often shared on this platform, however, it can be very successful as your Blog will reach a large audience.
  3. GIFs – how did you like the recent post? If you cannot find the right word to share, you can share GIFs to show off how you feel. This one allows you to share fun shorts GIFs as well which may be suitable for those whose target market is young and hip.


While this is often a professional platform where people share their work profiles, The fantastic part is that there is still a market for social media optimization.  What can you do?

  1. – Post about jobs
  2. – Post about company news that can be made public
  3. – Post more professional content which  would inform  the professional  population


Pinterest is a very different social media platform from the rest. It offers infographics and photo guides that can be shared on other platforms as well.  Businesses can take advantage of this especially if they are selling items that need massive photography against the competition.  In this platform, as long as the photo carries high-resolution, the post is effective..

Google Plus

For direct search engine optimization, the best thing to use is  Google plus and share the posts that you want to rank.  Make sure that you are compliant with Google updates.


Using this information, you are now ready to go ahead and create your own social media posts.  If you are at the beginning stage with your social media strategy, always make sure that you have a plan and that you stick with your knowledge of what works for the market.

Look out for next week’s article. We will help you to deal with negative comments and reviews left on your social media accounts.