If you would ask around about which social media is the one made for lovers, you would get a resounding answer – Instagram.

Instagram, since its birth, has been the place to be for food lovers.  Even the frustrated chefs share their recipes and their finished product.

If you are one of those dedicated food lovers in Instagram, then it is time to up your Instagram game and see how you can make Instagram your personal menu.

Make Instagram Your Personal Menu

  1. Learn how to flat lay

Flat lays were introduced by Instagram enthusiasts. It is done by making sure that everything is laid on the table flat and the angle is right above all of the elements.  If you want to make sure that you would have a food blog worthy Instagram, you should learn how to flat lay.

  1. Select the best lighting

Even when you are not using Instagram mainly for food, you need to choose the right lighting so that the items you are showing off really stand out.

Trick: You do not need to actually select the best lighting; all you need is to have your own light.  A small space with a lamp shade is all that you need to make this happen.

  1. Find a table that would fit your food’s theme

Theme is everything when it comes to your food.  You should learn how to set aside a French cuisine to a Mediterranean way of cooking so you have everything that would make the dish stand out from the rest.

Trick: To prevent further expenses, you can always just buy white cloth and making the background pure white. This way, you only have one background for your whole feed and you do not need to spend money for a simple picture.

  1. Make sure that you have the right angle

Finding the right angle is everything so you should always look for an angle that would make the food stand out.  Do not be afraid to take a lot of test shots and angles as you will never know which one would actually stick.

See to it that you get every angle possible and then decide later.  No need to rush on decisions.

These are just some of the tips that we can share with you.  Here at Aston Social there are so much more tricks and tips that we can share.  If you cannot yet subscribe to our services, maybe you can try subscribing to our blog for more Instagram Worthy posts.

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