Does everyone need to have a social media account?  Yes, for businesses and even for individuals having a social media account is necessary to make sure that the market gets a hold of the business or of the person.

Small local businesses need to read this and stop whatever it is they are doing because we are dropping a bomb that nobody would see coming.  

We have received some important queries from small business owners about whether they need to have a social media account or not and we will answer that here.

With that, here is a short list of the importance of social media in everyone’s lives

  1. Businesses with social media accounts get to protect their name and online reputation

Go ahead and try using Google to search for yourself.  Do you see some write ups about you and your business? We hope that you said yes and we hope that they are all good reviews.

However, what if it is the other way around? What if you have bad reviews but you do not even have an online presence?   What will you do to protect yourself? Businesses need to know that the best way to protect themselves is to be able to ward off bad reviews.

This is where social media comes in as social media ensures that you have a voice and that your side will be heard.

  1. Social Media increase brand awareness

Social media is all about brand awareness. Did you know that around 78% of small businesses gain new clients through their social media account?  Can you imagine yourself being a part of that 78%? We sure hope that you can.

  1. Social media legitimizes your brand/business

Social media creates a whole new world for businesses. Having a social media account legitimizes the business and the brand name.  It makes people think that the business is really legitimate, like it usually is. It also opens up the business to a whole new demographic.

Have you ever had an experience when a customer asks about your social media account?  

Do you have a Facebook account? Can I get your Twitter handle?  Can I tag you on Instagram? These questions are basic questions that clients often ask.  Are you really going to say no to your clients? We sure hope not.

  1. Social media allows businesses to develop lasting relationships with their clients

Building client relationship is very important. It is not only a futile exercise to jump from client to client but it is also tiring for business owners. However, when you have a specific set of clientele that you cater to, you will not lose sleep over trying to keep them because you have a relationship with them.

  1. Social media works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Everything that you would post and place on your social media account will not be removed, unless they do not follow the platform’s rules.  Because of that, you have marketing that would last 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even on busy days.

  1. Social media is free

Yes, you can choose to spare some funds on advertising and promotions but generally, creating a social media account is free so there is definitely no cost at the beginning. Everything else would depend on how aggressive you may be.

Are you ready to work your way to the top?  Are you ready to embrace social media in all of its glory?  We got you! Here at Aston Social, we will lend you a helping hand on making sure that you have unforgettable social media accounts.